Welcome to the International rp Wiki

Welcome to the International RP wiki. Like to rp? No problem. You can Rp in chat and share your rp that you did with your friend for the whole world to see. Make up characters or use characters from your favorite book series or TV Show, or a movie. RP=roleplay

What is RP?

Rp is when you role play as someone, any one behind a screen, so its just like a computer play.


f it says strict rule you get two skips over bans. Have fun and PLEASE follow our rules.

1. no disloyalty (strict rule)

2. No vandalism (strict Rule)

3. No cussing (strict Rule)

4. In chat, give a greeting before talking in all caps.

5. No Spamming (strict rule)

6. No bullying/hazing (strict rule)


1. Warning

2. 2 hour ban from chat

3. infinite ban from chat

4. blocked for a week

5. infintite block

Latest activity

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